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Benefits of feeding your dog natural treats

In our first Blog we want to explain a little on why Natural treats for your dog are so beneficial, apart from tasting pretty good they have some amazing benefits.

Benefits of feeding your dog natural treats - Nulas Natural Treats

Dental hygiene

Whilst chewing natural treats your dog is helping to reduce the build up of tartar and plaque on their teeth and helping reduce any gum disease or other oral hygiene problems they may otherwise face in the future.

Furry treats

Treats that have fur/hair on are a great source of fibre, they can help remove any internal parasites and also help with your worming process.


Natural dog treats tend to be much kinder to your dog’s digestive system.


Chewing is the most natural behaviour your dog can do, chewing helps them relax if they are feeling stressed or anxious, so by providing your dog with a suitable sized treat you are giving them an outlet for that behaviour.

Skin and coat

Omega 3 and essential fatty acids are crucial to help your dogs skin and coat. The most favourable source of treat we can find these are in fish.

Mental wellbeing

Natural treats are a great addition for your dogs mental wellbeing, whilst chewing helps keeps their stress levels down by doing this they also release feel good hormones called endorphins.


Natural dog treats are air dried so all of their natural nutrients are locked in.

Joint care

Natural treats such as chicken feet contain Glucosamine which is great for dogs who have joint conditions.


With many dogs having some sort of allergy against the more common proteins such as chicken and beef Novel proteins such as camel or buffalo have become more popular and with such a wide range now available every dog can enjoy the benefits of feeding their dogs natural treats.

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