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Nulas Natural Treats

Our philosophy 

About - Nulas Natural Treats

Nula’s natural treats was an idea I had in lockdown, after feeding my own dogs Nula and willow Staffordshire bull terriers a raw food diet for a few years previous as willow had developed some allergies and Nula wasn’t interested in normal food anymore, we changed their treats aswell to natural which went down well with both of them and the difference in their skin, behaviour and overall health was amazing.

Knowing natural treats were becoming more popular as more people were looking into what ingredients were going into their dogs food these treats starting to rise in price 

After much research and doing a canine nutrition course I decided to take the plunge and open up my little business, I am passionate about natural treats and the benefits they have for our dogs 

From the very start I made a choice to make our treats affordable and make sure money wasn’t spent on over the top packaging I wanted a simple box full of treats that were both affordable and healthy for your dogs 

We have since lost both Nula and willow but have recently welcomed the amazing Reigns into our family he is also a Staffordshire bull terrier and has a few allergy issues himself which is part of the reason why I have added and will be adding more novel proteins to our range of treats specifically for our dogs that can not tolerate the more common proteins but still want the benefits of natural treats 

Thankyou for coming on this journey with me 

Michelle x

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