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Nula's Puppy box

Nula's puppy box is a great place to start when introducing your dog to new natural treats, full of a variety of smells,tastes and textures to really see what your dog loves and most importantly how they chew each treat


1 x plain rabbit ear

1 x furry rabbit ear

1 x furry lamb ear

1 x plain lamb ear

2 x chicken feet

2 x pork crunch

6 x chicken sausages

1 x duck neck


Nula's Puppy box

  • *Please note the ages we suggest are just a guide you know your dog better than anyone and how they chew, please throw away any small bits your dog may be able to choke on.

    *Always supervise when giving your dog a treat even the most advanced chewers can choke, puppies or introducing a new treat may need you to hold it for them untill they know not to gulp it down or get to excited and swallow it whole.

    *New treats can sometimes cause upset tummies so try not to feed to many at once, or if your dog has not had a particular treat before.

    *Always provide fresh drinking water

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