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Lamb Dangler's

Anco Lamb Danglers and naturally low in fat and rich in high quality protein. These make a great tasty treat or reward and are also a good source of Iron, Zinc, Potassium and Magnesium which helps to promote healthy bones and muscles, brain and immune system. Due to all of this, regular consumption of Lamb may promote muscle growth, maintenance an performance!


100% Lamb Testicles










Lamb Dangler's

  • *Please note the ages we suggest are just a guide you know your dog better than anyone and how they chew, please throw away any small bits your dog may be able to choke on.

    *Always supervise when giving your dog a treat even the most advanced chewers can choke, puppies or introducing a new treat may need you to hold it for them untill they know not to gulp it down or get to excited and swallow it whole.

    *please also note as these treats are natural their sizes may differ 

    *New treats can sometimes cause upset tummies so try not to feed to many at once, or if your dog has not had a particular treat before.

    *Always provide fresh drinking water

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