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Beef trachea (24cm approx)

Beef tracheas are a great treat to provide your dog with some well-deserved chewing fun. They are naturally rich in chondroitin and collagen which are essential for joint health - great at keeping joint pain at bay and supporting mobility. Easily digestible so they're good for those with digestive issues/sensitive tummies. Beef tracheas are also full of protein, which is critical for the building and maintaining of muscles. Protein also helps to generate energy! Which they'll need for all the walks and play time they get up to.



100% Beef Trachea








Beef trachea (24cm approx)

  • *Please note the ages we suggest are just a guide you know your dog better than anyone and how they chew, please throw away any small bits your dog may be able to choke on.

    *Always supervise when giving your dog a treat even the most advanced chewers can choke, puppies or introducing a new treat may need you to hold it for them untill they know not to gulp it down or get to excited and swallow it whole.

    *New treats can sometimes cause upset tummies so try not to feed to many at once, or if your dog has not had a particular treat before.

    *Always provide fresh drinking water

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